The process used for the inspection is very comprehensive and systematic, taking around 2 hours to complete. Detailed observations of the property, including any issues found, are recorded, along with photographs for later inclusion in the report.

Laser levels are taken across selected floors to gain an average variation. Moisture readings are taken in areas which show signs of moisture damage, or areas which by experience are known to have issues, using a non invasive moisture meter.

Inspections are conducted in the ceiling and under floor where access to these areas is available.

The detailed report is written describing the property and outlining any issues which may be found during the inspection. The inclusion of photographs aids the client to gain a greater understanding of the report. This service allows vendors to have their property appraised, and buyers to have any issues brought to their attention prior to signing a Sale and Purchase Agreement.

A detailed survey if requested by your bank or insurance company can take place by agreement at the time of the inspection or as a seperate exercise at a later date. As this is more detailed it requires more time to conduct the survey and prepare the report.